Code and Plugins

Tools to simplify using PianoShooter

Installer includes plugins and
PianoShooter and LyricText effects
for FL Studio 20.

Githhub Project Windows Installer

PianoShooter is a visualizer for the
ZGameEditor Visualiser inside FL Studio.
PianoShooter itself is free and open-source.
GitHub Project

LyricText is an FL Studio / ZGameEditor Visualizer effect for displaying lyrics in videos with effects with minimal automation required.
GitHub Project

Music and Video

Euterpe 1

Latest track using PianoShooter and LyricText.

An Introduction

First run of the PianoShooter module for ZGameEditor Visualiser in FL Studio.

Impostorem v1.1

More features in PianoShooter as it hits 1.0.
Also improved the mix a little.

Other Stuff

Converts images into MIDI
GitHub Project

Cat Head Demo

Sample using Miditize and PianoShooter
Turn your volume down first :)